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Biography of Actress Marilyn Monroe

Known for:  celebrity and actress, sex symbol, blonde bombshell Dates:  June 1, 1926 -  August 5, 1962Occupation:  movie actressAlso known as:  Norma Jeane Baker, Norma Jean Baker, Norma Jean Mortenson, Norma Jean MortensenReligion:  Convert to Judaism Early Life Marilyn Monroe, whose name was Norma Jean Baker in childhood, was born to Gladys Mortenson, a film technician, whose husband, Edward Mortenson, deserted the family. Norma Jeans natural father may have actually been another studio employee, C. Stanley Gifford. Gladys mental illness surfaced shortly after her daughters birth, and she was institutionalized much of Norma Jeans growing years. Norma Jean was placed in a series of twelve foster homes, and once in an orphanage. She attended Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles, California. At sixteen, Norma Jean escaped the foster system by marrying 20-year-old James Dougherty. A year later, in 1943, he joined the U.S. Merchant Marine. Norma Jean took a job in an airline plant, part of the World War II factory effort, and worked first as a parachute inspector, then as a paint sprayer. When the government came through to take promotional photographs of the women working in the plant, the brunette Norma Jean learned that she photographed well, took a modeling course, and began working part-time as a photographers model. Success as a photographers model led her to her dream of becoming an actress. In 1946, she divorced Dougherty and bleached her hair to become a blond. She signed a one-year, $125/month contract with Twentieth Century-Fox on August 26, 1946. Ben Lyon, casting director, suggested that she take the name Marilyn, and she added her grandmothers last name, Monroe. Marilyn Monroe as an Actress Marilyn Monroe played one bit part that year, all of which ended up on the cutting room floor. The next year, she signed another one-year contract, this time with Columbia. The results werent any better. In 1950, Marilyn Monroe posed for full-length nude shots, which the photographer Tom Kelley sold for a calendar. That same year, she appeared in a bit part in The Asphalt Jungle, and though her name wasnt even mentioned in the credits, her appearance generated a huge amount of fan mail. Her reputation as a blond bombshell had begun to be established. So Twentieth Century-Fox signed Marilyn Monroe to a new contract — this time, for seven years. She appeared in All About Eve. In 1953, she had her first starring role, in Niagara. In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes she sang and, for the first time, she had her own dressing room. In January 1954, Marilyn Monroe married the famous baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. The marriage was short-lived; they divorced in October. Seven Year Itch For the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe appeared in the famous photographic stunt, in a white halter dress, with her skirt blown up by a draft from a sidewalk grate, leaning down to catch her dress so that her cleavage showed. The photograph was used to advertise the film and has become one of the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe. After filming The Seven Year Itch, in which she plays a prototypical dumb blond, Marilyn Monroe decided to work more seriously on her acting skills, to the skepticism of many critics. She broke her movie contract and moved to New York to study at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg for a year. Success ... and Problems In 1955, she founded her own company with Milton Greene, Marilyn Monroe Productions, and signed a new contract with Twentieth Century-Fox. She made the 1956 movie Bus Stop, which wowed the critics, but shed begun to lose herself to self-doubt, depression, drugs, and alcohol. Marilyn Monroe, whose mother and maternal grandparents had all struggled with mental illness and institutionalization, began taking sleeping pills for her insomnia. She regularly consulted psychiatrists. She drank heavily, and began a habit of arriving late to work, and sometimes not being able to work at all. Marriage to Arthur Miller She married Arthur Miller, the playwright, shortly after Bus Stop was released, and for the marriage converted to Judaism. She lived quietly for two years with her new husband. During that time, Miller was fighting his conviction for contempt-of-Congress for refusing to answer two questions before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). The marriage, and several miscarriages added to her self-doubt and depression, and to her use of drugs and alcohol. Marilyn Monroes next movie, The Prince and the Showgirl, brought mixed reviews. That was followed by Lets Make Love and an unhappy romantic liaison with co-star Yves Montand. The Misfits was written for Marilyn Monroe by her husband, Arthur Miller. She performed well in the final product, though, during its filming, she was often under the influence of alcohol and pills, and she was notoriously late to the set. Marilyn was affected by the death, two months after the film was completed, of her co-star, Clark Gable. In early 1961, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller divorced. During this period, she was also bothered by many rumors of affairs, including with the President, John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy. Last Months Filming her next project, ironically titled Somethings Got to Give, Marilyns lateness and addictions led to her dismissal after a month. She was briefly committed to a mental hospital. She was approved to return to the film, but never resumed filming. Two months later, in her home in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe was found by her housekeeper, dead, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills next to her body. The coroner found the death was caused by an overdose of barbiturates and pronounced it a possible suicide. No evidence of foul play was presented to the coroner. Marilyn Monroes funeral was planned by Joe DiMaggio; Lee Strasberg delivered the eulogy. Marilyn Monroes Parents Mother: Gladys Monroe Baker (also called Gladys Pearl Baker or Gladys Monroe Mortenson)Father: Edward Mortenson or C. Stanley Gifford Marilyn Monroes  Husbands James Dougherty (married June 19, 1942; divorced September 13, 1946)Joe DiMaggio (married January 14, 1954; divorced October 27, 1954)Arthur Miller (married June 29, 1956; divorced January 24, 1961) Education Van Nuys High School3-month modeling coursedramatic coach, Natasha LylessActors Lab, Los AngelesActors Studio, New York

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Losers and Winners of Globalization Essay - 1772 Words

Despite the views of many optimists, there are clearly losers as well as winners from the process of globalization. The statement at the head of the page assumes that Globalization creates both winners and losers. This is a view shared by many, but not all, theorists and commentators. There are many trends of thought regarding exactly who the winners and losers may be as well as what may be considered a prize or a punishment (e.g. some may sight the availability of McDonalds fast food throughout France an enrichment and some may see it as an unwelcome and unsavoury invasion.) Comparison between these opinions paints an interesting picture of what Globalization is, what certain parties want it†¦show more content†¦There are various definitions of what Globalization is, and the effect it has on the world. Globalists believe Globalization is a real and evident process. They argue that examples of a significant shift in the geography of social relations can be seen in terms of economics, culture and politics. For example the recent effects that the US economys down turn had on the share pr ices of British companies who trade and deal largely within US markets. We can see that international trade and investment has increased in recent years with many companies (notable many of those within the FT500) having bases and influence in many different countries e.g. Rupert Murdochs global media empire, News Corporation, which operates within nine different media on six different continents. Culturally we can see everyday examples of what Globalists would call Globalization. In Britain we eat McDonalds and Sushi, wear Issey Miyake perfume, watch Manga films and play Sony Playstation games. Politically nation states do not hold ultimate power over all policies and all behaviour as a whole. National governments have joined to create larger international organizations e.g. United Nations or G8 (USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy and Canada, with the recent addition of Russia). Globalization, and the Northern Territories embracing of it, allows theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Winn ers and Losers in Globalization598 Words   |  3 Pages Globalization is an increasingly close international integration of markets for goods, services and factors of production, labor and capital. Right after the World War II, the world has witnessed a spread of markets and multilateral development from which no country can operate independently. This multi-dimensional process has different impacts on different countries, depending on the level of economic development and political influence, and it has both positive and negative consequences for humanRead MoreGlobalization And Competitiveness : The Impact On Future University Of Alberta Bcom Graduates Essay982 Words   |  4 Pages Globalization and Competitiveness: The Impact on Future University of Alberta Bcom Graduates Nickia Kwan 1468914 University of Alberta Globalization and Competitiveness: The Impact on Future University of Alberta Bcom Graduates Globalization continues to impact how countries connect with each other. This impact can clearly be seen in changing social, technological and economic spheres. As globalization continues to expand its influence, it results in greater international competitionRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On The World Essay952 Words   |  4 Pagesthe world due to free trade and globalization has had both negative and positive effects on states. Because the world market has begun to level out, more states are becoming technologically advanced thus increasing the global economy. However, while some states are beginning to catch up, others are remaining at the same level and are at risk for being surpassed, both technologically and economically. So, the flattening of the world is creating both winners and losers; it is important to figure outRead MoreThe Welfare State and Government Responses to Economic Openness1668 Words   |  7 Pagescapital across borders. With the rise of globalization, posi tive effects have resulted from economic openness. The widespread benefits of globalization have resulted in global economic growth, prosperity, and have increased the overall standard of living in the world. However, globalization has also been blamed as being the principal culprit for numerous global problems including poverty, wealth disparity, and environmental degradation. The debate over globalization has resulted in a zero-sum game betweenRead MoreExamine how globalisation has resulted in winners and losers (15)844 Words   |  4 Pagesresulted in winners and losers (15) Globalisation is the process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange. Globalisation over the past hundred years has undoubtedly made the world more interconnected including closer societies, politics, economies, cultures and the environment. Globalisation has increased the production of goods and services. There are those who argue that globalisation creates winners and losers, asRead MoreWho Have the Been the Main Winners and Losers from Globalisation?2973 Words   |  12 Pagesprincipal winners and losers from globalisation? Globalization affects everyone, whether intended, directly or otherwise; it has gradually increased its presence in our daily lives. In this essay, I will point out who are the ones benefited and the ones injured from it by breaking down the question in four broad aspects: economic, political, socio-cultural and environmental. Seemingly, I will analyse the causals for this particular outcomes and distributions that indicate that globalization is creatingRead MoreThe Big Bang Significance Of Globalization Essay1577 Words   |  7 Pagesto direct an increase in the volume of transactions in goods and services and of international capital flows (Osland, 2003). Globalisation has become an increasingly controversial topic, and as with all economic change, it is a trade-off with winners and losers (Osland, 2003). Its presence and benefits is unquestioned by many while in other circles, scholars such as Karl Polanyi, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and politicians, particularly in the developing world, embrace the belief that globalisation hasRead MoreEssay on The History of Globalization 1805 Words   |  8 PagesGlobalization is the increasing interconnectedness of people, places, and cultures throughout the world today. The effects of this homogenizing process that we call globalization can be seen in all aspects of life. From McDonalds being in almost every country, to the majority of North American clothes being made in periphery countries, to the technological ability that allows us to instantly communicate with people anywhere in the world, the effects are everywhere. Economically today, globalizationRead MoreGlobalization and the Decline of the Welfare State1172 Words   |  5 Pages The idea that globalization and the welfare states can conflict comes from the fact that: while globalization is based on profit maximization, the welfare states main goal is to reduce, if not eliminate inequality, insecurity and poverty through proper redistribution of wealth me chanisms. The welfare state has to enhance â€Å"people’s adaptability, so that they, whatever their skills, can turn themselves from losers into winners through their own efforts† (Dennis J. Snower. Et al.137). The pointRead MoreWinners and Losers in a Consumer Society Essay1681 Words   |  7 PagesEssay Plan: Outline who are the winners and losers in a consumer society. Introduction: Paragraph 1 Outline – short general explanation/ to give the main features or general idea of. Consumer society – Point out this essay is looking at consumer society. Who – highlight the essay is looking at who. The winners and losers - define this concept in the introduction as it is the main content phrase in the essay question. There are three parts include in the main body that discribe

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Reflection on Registered Nursing Practice †Free Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Reflection on Registered Nursing Practice. Answer: Think critically and analyses nursing Practice- Sub-clause 1.3 During my placement in the vascular surgical ward had to provide care and support to an Indigenous individual, who had undergone the vascular surgery. During my education I had learned that cultural competence and culturally safe care is very significant for providing quality care to the indigenous population (Berman et al, 2014). As a registered nurse I have applied critical thinking and analyse that cultural competence is the significant way through which health disparities and inequalities can be removed (Bainbridge et al, 2014). Form my registered nurse practice I have learnt that I should respect every culture for improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction. I used my critical thinking skills for providing evidence based and patient centred care to the patient as the registered nurse practice is based on providing evidenced based care (Biles and Campus, 2012). Evidence based practice has become the synonym of the Registered nurse practice that allows the RN to work according to the best available evidences that can be underpinned for clinical decision making (Registered nurse standards for practice, 2016). Hoffmann, Bennett and Del Mar (2013) examined that evidence based practice allows registered nurses to promote better well being of the patient. I also recognized that role of family is also very significant while providing care to the indigenous patients. Recognizing the family strength and respecting their culture and experience improves their trust in the health care services (Bainbridge et al, 2014). As a registered nurse I demonstrated the appropriate skills of responding to needs of the patient in a culturally competent manner, and my practice was based on patient centred approach that puts the patients at the centre of care and respects their needs and desires. For developing respect for every culture and to integrate cultural competence in my practice, I developed the evidence based knowledge for cultural safety, cultural awareness and cultural respect (Biles and Campus, 2012). My practice has been based on eliminating the gap between the health care services and the indigenous people. Engages in therapeutic and professional Relationships- Sub-clause-2.2 Registered nurses are required to build therapeutic and professional relationships with the patient in order to deliver quality care and to help patient in achieving better quality of life. The therapeutic and professional relationships are considered as the zone of helpfulness (Berman et al, 2014). The patient under my care was facing the problem of acute pain due o his vascular surgery and was unable to rest. Patient was uncomfortable and was not expressing his problems clearly and was not ready to take the medication for pain management. Thats when I engaged with him in the therapeutic and professional relationship with the patient. I communicated with him in a kind and compassionate manner, and also considered his culture values and belief (Registered nurse standards for practice, 2016). The therapeutic relationships are different from the personal relationships (Greenberg, 2014). The therapeutic relations are the purposeful formed for the engagement of the registered nurse with the patient by using their skills and knowledge. During the therapeutic relationships, the registered nurse also ensures that rights and dignity of the patient is maintained and valued during the communication (Aggar et al, 2017). According to registered nurse practice, it is important to apply the professionals values in practice. Communicating with the patient in a dignified, respectful and culturally competent manner is important for building therapeutic relationships with patients (Registered nurse standards for practice, 2016). This also helps to develop mutual trust and respect in the nurse-patient relationship. Therapeutic and professional relationship with patient is also important for promoting patients well-being and reducing negative outcomes (Lyneham and Levett-Jones, 2016). With effective and respectful communication I develop the trusting relationship with the patient in the vascular surgery ward. I believe that I fully met the chosen standard because patient started communicating his pains and problems and started trusting me. He also started respecting the recommendations I made for his care and interventions. Maintain the Capability for practice-Sub-Clause 3.4 The registered nurses have to ensure that they are capable of the practice, by ensuring safe, responsible and accountable care to the patients. Since, RNs are responsible for personal growth as well as for the professional growth and development of others (Registered nurse standards for practice, 2016); I focused on delegating and supervision of care to the enrolled nurses in a safe and competent manner. The duty of providing sponge cleaning and changing patients cloth was delegated to the enrolled nurse working under my supervision. I informed the enrolled nurse about all the patient information, current care plan and future objective before delegating her with the duty (Ashley, 2013). I believe that this was the correct way of professional practice and I applied the standard into my practice in a correct manner. According to the standard of practice for the registered nurse, RN is responsible for their personal actions, as well as responsible and accountable for the actions of other to whom the duty has been delegated (Registered nurse standards for practice, 2016). Therefore, I monitored, analyzed and evaluated the way by which enrolled nurse interacted with the student. I believe that I was able to meet the standard fully, as I was able to accept the accountability for decisions, actions, behaviours and responsibilities for my own actions and actions of the enrolled nurse. I also provided the support and education to the patient for enabling them to make informed decision about their health. According to the studies registered nurses are in correct position to realise that patients are responsible for ringing change in their life (Rasj Wrk et al, 2015). I fulfilled my roles and responsibilities with complete care. I ensured that enrolled nurses under my supervision should be engaged in life-long learning and development. I also ensured that I should responds in a timely manner whenever there is a concern about the practice of any health care professional. I engage myself in my development as well as development of others. Bibliography Aggar, C., Bloomfield, J., Thomas, T.H. and Gordon, C.J., 2017. Australias first transition to professional practice in primary care program for graduate registered nurses: a pilot study.BMC nursing,16(1), p.14. Ashley, S. 2013. Clarifying the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities ofNursing Professionals and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners in primary care, including general practice. Accessed May 26, 2017. Bainbridge, R., McCalman, J., Clifford, A. and Tsey, K., 2014. Cultural competency in the delivery of health services for Indigenous people.Pat. Berman, A., Snyder, S.J., Kozier, B., Erb, G.L., Levett-Jones, T., Dwyer, T., Hales, M., Harvey, N., Moxham, L., Park, T. and Parker, B., 2014.Kozier Erb's Fundamentals ofNursing Australian Edition(Vol. 3). Pearson Higher Education AU. Biles, J. and Campus, A., 2012. Australian Indigenous Cultural competence and nursing. Accessed May 26, 2017. Edmonds, L., Cashin, A. and Heartfield, M., 2016. Comparison of Australian specialty nurse standards with registered nurse standards.International nursing review. Greenberg, L., 2014. The therapeutic relationship in emotion-focused therapy.Psychotherapy,51(3), p.350. Hoffmann, T., Bennett, S. and Del Mar, C., 2013.Evidence-based practice across the health professions. Elsevier Health Sciences. Lyneham, J. and Levett-Jones, T., 2016. Insights into Registered Nurses' professional values through the eyes of graduating students.Nurse education in practice,17, pp.86-90. Rasj Wrk, G., Trnkvist, L., Hasselstrm, J., Wndell, P.E. and Josefsson, K., 2015. Nurse?led empowerment strategies for patients with hypertension: a questionnaire survey.International nursing review,62(2), pp.187-195. Registered nurse standards for practice. 2016. Nursing and Midwifery Boardof Australia. Accessed Accessed May 26, 2017.

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Strangers on a Train Motifs essays

Strangers on a Train Motifs essays Alfred Hitchcocks, Strangers on a Train reinforces the duality of human nature and effectively transforms a highly improbable situation into a series of logical events, which lead to murder. Hitchcock has constructed most of the events in this particular movie around the idea of twos in regard to his film technique (crosscutting/match cuts) as well as a number of references to doubles (shoes in the opening scene) throughout Strangers on a Train. A great deal occurs in pairs in this film. These twos act as an integral part of the films plot. Furthermore, there are a number of reoccurring symbols or motifs in the film that go hand in hand with the idea of duality. In my section of this web project I am going to elaborate on a number of scenes from the film and provide evidence to support my various arguments regarding the idea of pairs. Youd like your wife killed, wouldnt you? Ill do it for you if youll kill someone for me, and since were strangers well be free of suspicion. The film, Strangers on a Train is an extremely slick, psychological thriller that succeeds in tackling blackmail, murder and issues of taboo sexuality. This film is definitely one of Alfred Hitchcocks best in that it reinforces the duality of human nature and effectively transforms a highly improbable situation into a series of logical events, which lead to murder. Hitchcock has constructed most of the events in this particular movie around the idea of twos in regard to his film technique (cross-cutting/match cuts) as well as the number of references to doubles (shoes in the opening scene) throughout Strangers on a Train. So much occurs in pairs in this film. These twos act as an integral part of the films plot. For example, Tennis star Guy Haines hates his adulterous, soon-to-be At the same time, Bruno Anthony hates his father but is afr ...

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Marketing Management and Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Marketing Management and Strategy - Essay Example Different Firms use different strategies for the local and foreign marketing management. The main aim of this report is to critically analyze the international operations of an organization and the chosen company for the purpose is Coca Cola which is such a successful company due to its unique strategies. The Coca Cola Company is known widespread for its fizzy carbonated soft drink which is being sold in stores, cafeterias and retailing machines within more than 200 countries. Coca-Cola head offices are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, from where it was originated. The Coca-Cola Company actually produces beyond three thousands drinks and possesses four of the topmost five brands of soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta). ‘Coke’ brand is among the world’s top familiar and extensively sold profitable products. Its biggest competitor is Pepsi. Though coke has been fronting a lot of criticism from many NGOs due to the presence of huge amount of Acid and the unhealthy impacts of the carbonated water but it has built strategies to overcome these and is still most familiar and favorite drink. Additionally the company is known for its ethical and safety considerations (Ford, Stephens, & Cooper, 2007). Initially this carbonated drink was envisioned as a patent medicine in the time it was first invented during early nineteenth century, then Coca Cola was subscribed by wise businessman, named Asa Griggs Candler, who made belligerent marketing strategies and enthusiastic marketing campaigns which steered the brand ‘Coke’ to be the most super and widely accepted brand in the world through the twentieth century. While confronted with charges of tenacious lateral impacts on the health of customers and unchallenged practices of the Coca Cola Company, Coke has continued to be a widespread soft drink in the twenty first century as well (Ford, Stephens, & Cooper, 2007). The company has also made its 2020